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Guillermo Algora
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The work as I have mentioned earlier involved a hugh variety of topics. I had the idea of developing a serie of short videos, which would share a common idea of reflecting topics from society and social behaviour and had the peculiarity of starting from the same element with a peculiar dolly movement. Naive of me, the ammount of work to do was colossal and it was never fully completed, although on top of the knowledge I kept some snaps of that earliest work.
Modelling, Texturing, Clouds Simulation, Lighting
Modelling, Texturing, Clouds Simulation, Lighting
Modelling, Texturing, Clouds Simulation, Lighting
UV Layout
Modelling, Texture and Fur in xGen. Concept by Jaime Barroso Sereno.
It was next that I enrolled into the compositing course and started to work on two new projects that would become part of my earliest compositing showreel. The idea was to create two shots to integrate live-action footage with CGI. The first shot consisted in a green screen of a woman turning around with a gun. I decided to create a cave enviroment for this scene. The character would turn around to chase a suspect that misteriously flees the scene.
By that time I had already learned the lesson of how difficult is to nail down all the steps in a 3d pipeline. Since I needed photorealism, I decided to make use of photogrammetry scans as my starting point. I cleaned, combine and layout multiple of them, and from there light and render. I was satisfied with the result and confident that the compositing work would take it the extra mile. On top of the technical features as lens distortion, vignetting, chromatic aberration and grain, I would endow it with other features in 2d as fire elements, heat distortion, smoke, mist and particles. Then came the moment to integrate all togheter by the means of careful and precise grading of the elements.
While the work I had done before was rendered with MentalRay, happened that Maya changed to Arnold as its new oficial renderer. It was an occassion for me to learn a new application.
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