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Guillermo Algora
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SoftMerge is a Merge node that offers an edge transition function. It works for all operations, under four controls:

1) Transition (amount) in an inward direction.
2) Smooth the transition area (its linear progression) while preserving the RGB.
3) Smooth out the RGB values within the transition area.
4) Generate an alpha channel representing the operation.

Download from Nukepedia (link)

  • v1.1: I am working on improving stability of the outward transition function, so it has been capped to just the inward direction function.
  • v1.2: Addressed fixes to the 'Generate Alpha' for some operations, plus some general fixes.
  • v1.3: Fixed a couple of expressions that were not working properly when duplicating the node, and a softer fade for the blur rgb function.
  • v1.4: Fixed an important bug in the 'Filler' node that was caused by illegal values.
  • v1.5 / 1.6: Stability fix to the bounding box management.
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